Yoonla Review: Scam or Legit?

Yoonla Review

Yoonla: Your Ticket To The Digital Lifestyle?

Whilst on my quest for online money making systems I stumbled across a post on Facebook for Yoonla. Whilst it had the standard marketing hype as you would expect there was an element of professionalism. A clean crisp Brand which was appealing and makes you think this isn’t something that’s been knocked together to make a fast buck.

Before I give a full run down of the Yoonla system and my experience to date I would like to point out that Yoonla is Not a Scam. It is a fully legit CPA system which can clearly generate you an income.


Yoonla was created by an internet marketer named Reno Van Boven at the back end of 2016 and has been growing rapidly throughout 2017.

What Is Yoonla?

Yoonla is a CPA (cost-per-action) platform which focuses on building up a sales funnel and getting leads to signup. For each lead that signs up you get paid between $2 – $4. They just need to sign up and don’t have to purchase anything. If they decide to opt for VIP membership then you also get further commissions which are approx. $30.

The Yoonla platform is ideal for anyone starting out in affiliate marketing. It offers full training from setting up landing pages, building offers, creating your email autoresponder and even how to generate traffic to get leads straight away.

The Yoonla platform including the training videos is 100% FREE!

All training videos have been created and presented by founder Reno Van Boven and are extremely well paced no matter what your level of expertise.

Yoonla BannerHow Can Yoonla Be Free?

With the system being totally free for life you are probably curious to how Yoonla (and Reno) makes any money. The simple answer is through commissions of the tools you require.

If you are already an experienced marketer then you will already have hosting, domains and email autoresponders. But if your not and you are new then Reno has links to these tools and of course will make a commission for each person he recommends.

You don’t need to use the tools and can even use alternatives and still receive the fully video training and extras provide with Yoonla membership.

In order to get maximum benefit you are better off following the training videos using the tools recommended, that way you can get support from the Yoonla team.

So it’s a win win for all, as you need the tools and would have to purchase them any way and rather than charging a membership fee like many other sites the costs and profits are made through commissions saving you money right from the get go.

With Yoonla, you’ll earn commissions when the user signs up and activates with just a name and email address. You just need to give away the high quality training, which is provide for free. It’s easier to earn commission in Yoonla than in any other programs out there. No need to sell to earn commission with this.


When you upgrade to VIP Yoonla Membership, you get access to more training about digital marketing and you’ll be added to the exclusive Facebook VIP group of Yoonla. You’ll meet a lot of successful members there and ask for support anytime. You’ll also get to know the other members who are successful in promoting Yoonla.

Newbies can generate commissions easily. Even if the free leads don’t convert to VIP, you still get commissions of $2-$4 when they activate their free Yoonla account. But it’s better if you help those leads upgrade to VIP so that they can earn as well and you’ll earn Yoonla VIP bonus commission of $15 on 1st tier and $10 2nd tier.

Yoonla will pay you as long as you’re not doing something that’s against the rules e.g. buying referrals or leads. It’s ok to buy solo ads but don’t pay people to signup or don’t misrepresent the company. Just don’t violate the simple rules and you’ll be fine.

Note: For the CPA leads campaign, any leads/referrals generated from the following countries attract the higher commission rate:

United Kingdom
United States
New Zealand

Non-commissionable countries for CPA lead referrals: (If you’re lead originates from these countries, you won’t get the commission for free leads but if they decide to avail the custom setup, you’ll earn $15 1st tier and $10 2nd tier.


At first I had many concerns with promoting yoonla, this is because I’ve never seen another program that pay you commission for an easy free signup and free activation of account.

The reason why I love yoonla so much is purely down to the fact that they offer high quality training (videos, eBooks) that can be accessed for free. There is step by step training on how to use third party tools to build your list. It covers traffic, how to setup automated tools for your online business, and a lot more. They also give you a download folder that contains eBooks (twitter, YouTube, email) training and email swipes to get you started free to download at anytime.

They do offer a free custom setup and there is no membership fee. All you need to do is buy the basic tools such as hosting and get response every online marketer has these its essential.

So what’s free? The yoonla digital lifestyle membership is free you will have access to the training and digital products like discussed above. However to make money with yoonla CPA Affiliate Program you will be required to upgrade to the VIP membership by purchasing the web hosting and Get Response. Once you have purchased these two tools the yoonla team will set up the products onto your web hosting and also set up your get response email campaign (at no charge)

It takes out the hassle of learning how to create a capture page, build a list and how to monetise. Everything is structured out well and easy to find. It is perfect for newbies and also advanced online marketers. I know that it will help people kick-start the digital marketing lifestyle in the right way.

Yoonla is still in phase one so there is a lot of scope for growth. Phase one involves the blueprint for building your digital lifestyle foundation.

What is the method of pay?

Yoonla is very straight forward with the payment process. Payments are made via PayPal and fees (under 3% will apply) Alternative payment methods will be available soon.

All of the leads that you generate will be confirmed before they will be applied as “approved leads”. Leads will be “declined” if the system determines that they are duplicated, unsubscribed, cancelled and of course bogus/ fake leads. This process starts on the 15th of each month until the 22nd.

Payments for approved leads will be processed around the 22nd to the 28th of each month. If the date falls on a weekend the payments will be processed on the next working business day.

For example if you have generated enough approved leads in September, you will receive your payment around the 24th – 28th of October (the 22nd falls on a Sunday).

This is a monthly payment and you will not receive instant payment like some other companies out there.

Yoonla Banner

Already a Yoonla Member or have some questions then please post a comment below.

If CPA is not for you then check out the post about Matched Betting, another great way to make money online.

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