Online Marketing with Talk Around Content

online marketing and talk around content

One of the biggest challenges faced by website owners is getting people to your website AKA Traffic. If your an online business then this is very much like having a shop on the high street and getting footfall and people to visit your store. So as you can appreciate there are a number of ways to do this. As an online business you can not ignore online marketing.

Back in the early days of the web you really only needed a half decent website, some reasonable content and a ton of links pointing to your site and you would rank highly in search engines and thus provide you with the valuable traffic you need. As time has gone on search engines have evolved and it has now become much more difficult to rank a website easily without some kind of uniqueness and an online marketing strategy. So now content is is important and content is as they say is king.

The idea behind content marketing is that content is published that is useful to the reader. The problem is that this has lead to a rise in what I like to call ‘talk-around’ content. This is particularly noticeable when you search for terms like rank number 1 in google or how to increase traffic to your site. You find yourself drawn in by promises of answers to those all in important questions and by then end of the article you feel no more the wiser. Almost like a rehashed political speech.

At present google rewards a ranking boost to good content which has perceived value to the user. Notice the perceived part. Its all about the perception and making the search engines think you are the guru of the subject you are writing about. This is frustrating and after years of reading many articles particularly on online marketing and search engine optimisation can leave you feeling duped. Fore this reason I have named it ‘Talk-Around’ Content.

Examples of ‘Talk-Around’ Content

This first few paragraphs will probably give an introduction and explain why you need to do and provide a bit of background which is fine. It puts the reader at ease they are in the right place yet still no answers to the questions you seek.

It bit further into the article your now approaching the point where your hoping to find the gold and in many cases ive seen there has been 3 – 10 points on how to achieve your goal. For the purpose of this article I will provide 3 and hopefully you will start to see the trend.

  1. Bring your A Game – If you want to rank 1, get more traffic, [insert own goal here] then you need to be on top form. There is no point releasing an article that is not written to the best of your ability. Make sure you are 100 percent committed to giving your best.
  2. Content is king – providing the user with the best possible experience is what Google is after and this is how you will achieve great rankings. [I am not going to fluff this out any more than is].
  3. Make your content compelling – Make users want to read your content by making it interesting. [insert more fluff].

As you can see above the points could be perceived as useful but in reality its no better than spun content. If you want to learn how to rank highly your almost better off reading today’s horoscope. For some interesting articles then check out Neil Patel’s site and whilst he doesn’t always provide the full answers your looking for the content is interesting.

Next time your searching for information and answers bare in mind talk around content. Do a quick scan through the article to see what its main points are before committing your time to read it.

I hope this has been interesting and even a little bit useful.

Online Marketing with Talk Around Content
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Online Marketing with Talk Around Content
Find articles with useful content can some times become shadowed by content which only has a perceived value to search engines leaving the reader feeling duped. This article explains what we like to call talk around content and how to spot it.
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