Money Saving Life Hacks for 2017


If your looking to save money you don’t need to look far. There are many articles online with Money Saving Life Hacks on how to save on everyday items. There are also programs on Television showing how couples can significantly reduce their weekly shop as well as save money on luxury items.

This is all good and well but from experience it when you see a great tip you soon forget or just fail to implement. So the first thing to do is get organised and get a notepad and pen, you use an electronic notepad on your computer or phone.

Now you should be armed and ready to start taking note of the tips wish are helpful to you.
brand vs non brand toilet roll
First off i am going to talk about the weekly shop and ways to save with compromising on quality. Brand names can sometimes be good but at other times can be misleading. Most people will take comfort in brands as being quality over the lesser unbranded or supermarket own brand products, but sometimes this is just not true.

When it comes to some products why pay more for the same thing or something which will unlikely enhance your life. For example toilet roll – you wipe your butt with it and flush it down the toilet! so why pay more than you need to? Some may be soft, extra ply or even have added aloe vera oils, but in my opinion these are gimmicks. Along with this you will find household cleaning products can also drastically vary in price.

Luxury for Less

Saving money doesn’t always mean you cant have nice things, but its all about being smart about how and where you purchase items. For furniture rather than buying cheap which may not last and become more costly in the long run you could consider second hand items. There are a lot of opportunities to purchase like new and nearly new items for a fraction of their original price saving money and getting you what you want.

oak dining room table

Places to look for second hand items are eBay, Gumtree and also Facebook market place, however you could also try your local second hand furniture dealers where you could end up finding a solid piece of furniture which costs £800 only costing you £200.

Furniture is not the only thing you can get at heavily reduced prices second hand, you can also get designer branded clothing. Also check the description for state of repair but in many cases you will find people have bought clothes and never worn them or only worn for a very brief time.

Hope you enjoyed these Money Saving Life Hacks. Feel free to comment below.

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Money Saving Life Hacks for 2017
If your looking to save money you don't need to look far. Save money and still be able to afford luxury items for you and your home.
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