Ecommerce – The Truth about Selling Online


You may have heard of people making good money with selling products online. You may have thought this is something you would like to do. Maybe the thought of giving up your current day job and having your own home grown business is something that appeals. Well before I go any further let me tell you some truths about doing this. First off if you are expecting to put a website up online and suddenly start selling tons of products then think again. Ecommerce businesses take months if not years to establish (unless you have a large start-up capital that it).

The Easy Part

Believe it or not, the easy part of setting up an ecommerce website is the easy part. Building it, hosting it and setting it all up can be time consuming but as a whole is relatively easy. If you are using something like WordPress with Woocommerce you could be setup within a day or two, and at very little cost. Sourcing products to sell on the site is also very easy these days, and with a few simple searches you will have a whole host of suppliers in no time. Also finding graphics and artwork, learning to create your own again, is very straight forward.

The Hard Part

Once your ready to go, you have your website and products to sell and every other little element setup like how your going to get paid and deal with shipping comes the challenging part. How are you going to get people to your website? Unless you’re a marketing guru this can either be extremely difficult or very expensive. There are now more ways to drive traffic to a website than ever before with the rise of social media, but getting your message in front of the right people and getting them to buy is where the challenge lays, not to mention the competition. Don’t be fooled into thinking that your website will rank highly in Google for any given keywords just because you put it online and submitted Google. Also don’t be tricked into spending tons of money on ad clicks from Google Adwords or Facebook and expect to get sales. You need a strategy.

Before you start

It’s easy to get online (relatively), yet tough to actually make good money and of course all these things take time. So, before you ditch your current job to pursue your own business online it’s best to have a plan or strategy. Many corporate types will call this a business plan, but basically you just need a way to get from point A to point B doing it as cheaply as possible and maximising your profits.  Whilst this is possibly nothing new and probably mentioned on many a blog or article about starting a business there is one thing I would add even before making a plan. That is Passion. You must be passionate about what you plan to do. Not just making money but the product or the business as a whole. If you’re going to sell mobile phones online then you have to be passionate about mobile phones. If you are passionate about your product the marketing will be so much easier and you will be able to visualise what your buyers want, also create the demand. If you are just out to make money then you will struggle as unfortunate as it way sound making money is actually a bi-product of fulfilling the demand. So if your sitting thinking how can I make money online your need to re-think your strategy to not how can I make money online but how can I fulfil (or even create) the demand.

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Ecommerce – The Truth about Selling Online
You may have heard of people making good money with selling products online. Let me tell you some truths about doing this.
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